Thank you for the outstanding job you and the Laplante Construction team did for us in building our magnificent new home. The meetings with you were instrumental in preparing us to move forward with confidence. We knew in our very first meeting that if we were to build, there was no need to talk with anyone else – there would be no one better than Laplante Construction to lead us on the journey.

Everyone we dealt with from Laplante Construction (and the sub-contractors) demonstrated the things we came to appreciate in meeting and working with you, Bill: hard work, commitment, expertise, and a level of integrity that is unsurpassed in this or any other type of work.

We very much appreciated things like the initial and revised drawings that were produced by Paul Laplante, the important input along the way from Ray Laplante, the day-to-day project management handled so masterfully by Rich Walz, and the excellent workmanship provided by all the Laplante Team members on the job site each day. 

The result is a spectacular home that is of tremendous quality, the perfect balance between elegance and simplicity, and one that carries the weight and integrity of a house that was built in a different era, perhaps 100+ years ago. But at the same time, you also managed to make it feel light and comfortable, with an understated elegance that comes together with a peaceful flow. When you add all the modern accommodations and special touches to the design, materials, and workmanship, the whole becomes so much more than the sum of its unique parts. In short, Les and I are amazed that EVERYTHING we look at is truly beautiful.

We also appreciated your introducing us to Jenn Champigny, as she was an incredibly talented design and plan consultant who added so much to the project. Jenn is one-of-a-kind: exceptionally talented, stylish, aware of all possibilities given her impressive accomplishments, and so much fun to work with. Her many contributions were also very important to us.

Your leadership as President of Laplante Construction is certainly what makes working with the whole Team such a very special experience, Bill. Leslie and I are grateful to have worked with you, and we thank you first and foremost for turning our dream home into reality!