I still remember the day I came home from work and walked upstairs to the master bedroom suite that Laplante Construction was building for our home. Paul Laplante and the crew were in the newly-framed area working. I walked into the area, looked up and said, “this room needs to have a cathedral ceiling.” And, despite the fact that a cathedral ceiling was not part of the design plan that we had already approved, Paul Laplante said, without missing a beat, “we’ll need to order a ridge beam;” and he proceeded to make it happen; smoothly, efficiently, and without a hassle. Everyone knows that renovation projects can be a nightmare, but our experience with Laplante Construction was absolutely the opposite. Every person who worked on our home was professional, courteous, and highly skilled. The job site was left clean every day. Every issue was addressed. Laplante’s team was there every day from the day the project began until it was done. Our new addition is spectacular. When you look at it from the outside, you assume it was always part of our home, and when guests look at it from the inside, they simply say, wow.